The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera and to trap the fleeting prey in your little box.
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo #60

It snowed and blowed all afternoon and last night
It's still too dark to take a photo this morning, but while the
internet is functioning-I'll post this blog and read
my emails. Later on I will replace this older photo
with a new one.
And here's the photo from a few minutes ago.
We really do have several steps down from our front porch-but
you wouldn't know that today!

Whew-there'll be some serious snowblowing today!


Elizabeth Hernandez said...

SNOW! Beautiful snow. Looks like your work will be cut out for you today. Stay warm Blessings

Helen said...

You're beginning to look a bit like Bend! Stay warm and dry ...