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Henri Cartier-Bresson

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo #151 2012

Kitchen Gadgets 
Devices one needs?
Actually I use all of these on a regular basis!
Can you identify all of them?


Anonymous said...

Bottom drawer: Ice cream scoop, lemon crusher (juicer), grater, can opener, not sure about the two spoon things - one looks like it ought to be something to do with eggs?
Top drawer: measuring cups, a jar opener (? I need one) a few vegetable peelers ...

Kathe W. said...

yes on ice cream scoop/grater/can opener,the lemon is a timer, two spoon things is small citrus juicer-and a garlic press

jar opener is part of a cocktail mixer,measuring spoons,yellow lemon juicer you actually screw into a lemon, and little loose tea device.
I bet you could stump me with your kitchen items!