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Henri Cartier-Bresson

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo #294 and 295 2012

Now it's time to make dirt....
Russell built the raised beds out of recycled old decking
and I've got the task of layering straw,alfalfa hay,dirt
and manure with blood meal and bone meal.
Finishing it all off with a topping of 
good compost and planting cereal rye seeds for a winter cover.
Hopefully by planting next year I'll have better dirt than this year.
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Is it time to rake leaves?
We have countless Black Oak trees on our 10 acres-
needless to say we only rake leaves up and away from the house.
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robin. said...

if our leave evvvvveeeer dry out...we will rack. love the leaves shot!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your first harvest will tell you that all the hard work was worth it!

Delicate Shadows

Linda said...

Sounds like you know what you are doing! I am sooo not a gardener! AND I have mold allergies so bad that I could never rake leaves, or work in the yard!

I hope you will reap the rewards of your hard work!

Happy Saturday!


Ralph said...

'Dirt' is to mundane to describe the ultimate planting soil - this sounds like a quality compost that when complete for the next planting season. I wouldn't mind having a couple of cubic yards of this for the 2013 tomatoes. This is soil of a high order - alchemy of sorts

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful shot of the leaves, Kathe!! Hope you're enjoying a good weekend!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love the idea of raised bed!

My Shadow Shots
Have an enjoyable weekend.

Celia said...

That's going to be quite the garden. Can smell those tomato plants already.

Anonymous said...

The raised beds look very professional! we've been thinking about adding some in our garden - but I might just be lazy and watch yours instead!!

joanne said...

I was looking at the carpet of leaves in the yard and thought 'they'll make a nice blanket for the lawn in winter!' Voila - no need to rake!

Anonymous said...

Great raised beds (don't you compost the leaves?)